Eram Makeovers Makeup Academy – Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Eram Makeovers Makeup Academy for your makeup education. Kindly review the following terms and conditions:

  1. Payment:
  • Full payment is required upon registration. If a payment plan is offered, you must complete payments as per the agreed schedule.
  1. Makeup Products:
  • Makeup products for the initial 7 makeup classes will be provided by Eram Makeovers Makeup Academy. Afterward, students must procure their own makeup vanity.
  1. Makeup & Hair Tools:
  • Students are responsible for procuring their own makeup and hair tools.
  1. Product List:
  • The Eram Makeovers Makeup Academy will guide students on the required product list, which students must procure themselves.
  1. Class Decorum and Timings:
  • Students must maintain decorum and adhere to class timings and days.
  1. Course Completion:
  • All courses will be completed within the announced timeframe.
  1. Extra Classes:
  • Extra classes for missed sessions depend on the discretion of the academy.
  1. Model Arrangement:
  • Students must arrange models for practical makeup classes and final assessments.
  1. Demo Class with Eram Fatma:
  • Students must note the timing and day of the Demo Class with Eram Fatma, as it will not be repeated.
  1. Models Provided by Academy:
  • Models provided by the academy will incur charges.
  1. Refunds:
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-adjustable.
  1. Missed Classes with Eram Fatma:
  • Missed classes with Eram Fatma will be considered attended and will not be repeated, unless requested by the student and approved by the academy.
  1. Rule Changes:
  • Management reserves the right to change rules and offers.
  1. Damages:
  • Students must reimburse any broken items, furniture, or products immediately.
  1. Premises Closing Time:
  • Students must leave the premises according to the provided class timing.
  1. Disputes:
  • Any disputes will be under the jurisdiction of New Delhi.
  1. No Refunds During Lockdowns:
  • No refunds will be provided even in the case of government-mandated lockdowns.
  1. Full Fee Liability:
  • Once registered, you are liable to pay the full fee.
  1. Trainer Assignment:
  • Classes are conducted by all senior trainers; no specific trainer will be assigned.
  1. Misconduct:
  • The academy reserves the right to cancel your course or remove you from the premises for misconduct or misbehavior.

By registering for our classes, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us before proceeding with registration.

Thank you for choosing Eram Makeovers. We look forward to helping you enhance your makeup skills!