About Us

Meet Eram Fatma: Founder of Eram Makeovers

Eram Fatma, a prominent figure in the makeup industry, stands as a beacon of creativity, skill, and empowerment. Based in Delhi, India, Eram embarked on her journey as a makeup artist and educator in 2015, driven by her passion for enhancing beauty and empowering individuals through makeup.

With unwavering dedication and a keen eye for detail, Eram established Eram Makeovers, a renowned makeup studio located in Jasola, Delhi. Within her studio’s walls, she crafts breathtaking transformations, turning dreams into reality for her clients. Whether it’s a wedding, a special event, or a photoshoot, Eram’s expertise and artistry shine through, leaving a lasting impression on all who experience her work.

Eram’s talent extends beyond the confines of her studio, as she offers on-location services worldwide. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, her artistic touch knows no bounds, bringing beauty and elegance to every corner of the globe.

Beyond her remarkable skill as a makeup artist, Eram is also a dedicated educator, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with aspiring makeup artists. Through her makeup academy, she has mentored and nurtured countless students, guiding them on their journey to success in the makeup industry. Many of her students have flourished under her tutelage, carving out their own paths and making significant strides in their makeup careers.

Eram Fatma’s impact on the makeup industry is not only measured by her artistry but also by the lives she has touched and the careers she has shaped. With her unwavering passion, boundless creativity, and commitment to excellence, she continues to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their beauty and shine brightly in the world of makeup.