Basic To Advance 15 days Makeup


Course Fee – Rs 45000
Registration amount – 15000

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  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Hygiene
  3. Face shape and features
  4. Skin Analysis
  5. Skin Type
  6. Color Theory
  7. Brush and Blender knowledge
  8. Full product knowledge
  9. Different Eye Brow preparation and shaping
  10. Eye Liner application
    1. Simple Eyeliner
    2. Winged Eyeliner
  • Natural Eyeliner
  1. Thick winged Eyeliner
  2. Long Liner Eyeliner
  3. Thin Liner
  • Thin Winged Eyeliner
  • Thick Eyeliner,
  1. Open Winged Eyeliner
  2. Double Winged Liner
  3. Glitter Eyeliner
  • Smokey Smudged Eyeliner
  • Gap Eyeliner
  1. Eye Makeup
    1. Spot Lights Eye makeup
    2. Glittery Eye makeup
  • Soft Eye Makeup
  1. Hallo Eye Makeup
  2. Natural
  3. Cut Crease
  • Single Shadow Eye Makeup
  • Double Shadow Eye Makeup
  1. Triple Shadow Eye Makeup
  2. Glam Eye Makeup
  3. Different type of Smokey Eye Makeup
  • Barbie Eye
  • Shimmery Eye Makeup
  • Matte Eye Makeup
  1. False Eye Lashes Application
  2. Different type of Lips shaping and Lipstick application
  3. Skin preparation and priming
  4. Understanding Foundation and its type
    1. Liquid Foundation
    2. Serum Foundation
  • Tinted Oil Foundation
  1. Cream Foundation
  2. Stick Foundation
  3. Powder Foundation
  1. Different type of Makeup Base
    1. Nude Makeup
    2. HD Makeup
  • Mature Skin Makeup
  1. Under Eye Coverage
  2. Acne Skin Makeup
  3. Soft Makeup
  1. Blush Application

Note : –

  1. Student will need to get your own brush set, beauty blender & personal hygiene items like makeup removing wipes, face towel, ear buds etc. or buy from the academy/elsewhere
  2. Makeup Vanity – We will be providing all practice materials during first 7days the course and will latter we guide you to build you own vanity so that you can have a hand on practice on your own product.
  3. On portfolio day student have to arrange outfit, model and jewellery. And if student want (which is suggested) we can arrange Outfit and jewellery which will cost them Rs 5000 Extra
  4. Course Fee – Rs 45000
    Registration amount – 15000

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